Jacana Energy Switch To Six Campaign

The Creative

We came up with a visual for the campaign that the target market could relate to. Everyday, residential customers who are dissatisfied with the high price of electricity in the NT. The visual has a straightforward, helpful tone of voice, with a bit of fun added to show that Jacana Energy cares about their customers and is providing a product to help them save on their bills.

The campaign spanned both traditional and digital media. An overall concept that would appeal to the target market, that would also work across all media was developed in-house, in collaboration with the Jacana Energy marketing team, and subsequently rolled out to all mediums.

The traditional and print collateral included a paper based application form, FAQ, store wraps, direct mail out with a custom designed envelope as well as radio and television advertisements.

The digital media included a custom built campaign landing page that allowed prospective customers to find out more about the new product, as well as sign up for the product directly. The campaign landing page was designed to be responsive, ensuring all customers, irrespective of the device they were viewing the landing page on, were able to have the same user experience and access the application form.

We also custom built a web-based comparison tool, allowing users to input their energy use and get a live estimate of their savings, based on actual usage.

This tool promoted engagement with the product and demonstrated real value to the user by way of a personalised savings estimate, resulting in a greater conversion of users to the new product.

Other digital media included a custom designed welcome email, triggered to be sent after an online application was submitted as well as Home page banners and button graphics for the main Jacana Energy website.

Phase Two of the campaign will include extensive social media advertising, in order to inform and engage the wider Northern Territory target market and encourage them to switch to the new product.


The campaign is currently in progress, however early results have shown that awareness of the new product is high, while uptake has remained steady, we expect that the Phase Two rollout, including extensive social media advertising, will increase uptake Territory wide.

Analytics from the campaign landing page indicate that of all users viewing the application form, around 30% of them are completing it and signing up to the new product.

Overall, since the campaign landing page launch in the first week of July, the site has received over 1500 hits, as well as over 2000 unique page views.

As expected, the 25-34 year old target market forms over 30% of our site users, indicating the campaign is resonating with our intended audience. We expect this percentage to also rise as Phase Two of the campaign commences.

Switch To Six campaign landing page

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