Go Easy Campaign Website

The Drug & Alcohol Services Association and NT Government re-engaged DriverWeb to develop an innovative approach that went above and beyond the 2010 - 11 'That's Enough' campaign we created. Our proposal was to help create a 'movement' of motivated young people to learn, discuss, reflect and share their thoughts about their personal alcohol consumption and that of their friends, family and community.

The campaign launched with a public 'Flash Mob' performance, a parody of the Jimmy Cliff classic 'I can see clearly now'. Over 20 youths volunteered their time and energy in the performance. This video formed a number of TV commercials and a 2 minute feature video online all drawing people to the website. The website is a highly interactive site that encourages people to join the movement, create and share content, play an interactive game, get involved in physical challenges with the community and enter a video competition. We 'gamified' the experience so that all these activities and interactions with the website earned members badges and points, the highest point scorer each month earns themselves an iPad just to say thanks for being involved.

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Check out the live site at goeasy.org.au

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