Centralian Middle School

A newly formed Government school created out of a restructuring of the public high schools in Alice Springs, Centralian Middle School faced the challenge of poor public perception and falling enrolments. We worked with the existing logo and designed additional branding elements to produce a variety of materials that have reinvigorated the School's image, and increased pride amongst staff and students. A particular success has been the newsletter 'Scoop' which is published each semester and distributed through the Centralian Advocate, spreading good news to the wider community.

Materials such as the prospectus and parent handbook were kept bright to reflect the School’s dynamic environment.

CMS Handbook

CMS Stationary

A full range of stationery was produced to allow for consistent communication.

While it is unusual for a Government school to advertise for enrolments, it paid off for Centralian Middle School who experienced a huge increase in student numbers. We have produced television and radio commercials as well as newspaper advertisements for the school.

Television advertising resulted in a large increase in enrolments at the School.

Employing a bold colour palette to define different areas of the School, we designed a series of wall and window graphics to be positioned throughout the school grounds. We worked with a local signwriter and other specialist suppliers to coordinate their production and installation. Included were a series of 'honour walls' which employed a system of laser cut and engraved plywood, together with clear acrylic to display the current house captains, student representative council, school council and staff as well as prior 'dux of the school' winners.


At the School’s entrance, two-way arrows and the word ‘learn’ were written to communicate that a young person’s education continues beyond the School’s grounds.

The entrance to the School has been clearly highlighted through the use of colour and directional graphics.



A combination of painting directly onto walls and window decals was used to turn whole walls into giant message boards.

Removable acrylic panels allow Centralian Middle School to update the photos on their honour boards each year.



Laser cut plywood pieces fit together to make up the honour walls.

Another project for the School has been conceptualising, writing, illustrating and designing a series of murals for their internal corridors. Located in the science, art and library buildings, the murals cover a range of topics broken down into manageable size pieces. This said, they are intentionally busy with details, so that rather than interpreting the whole display on first viewing, students can take more of the information in each time they line up in the corridor and the murals stay interesting for longer!

How a single tear, the son of a bootmaker and a mouldy rockmelon helped save millions of lives – the discovery & development of Penicillin.



The science stories continued with a mural about Newton’s Laws.

Favourable mutations, controversy and sailing a beagle – an explanation of Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection.



The art corridor mural covered everything from Michelangelo’s ‘David’ to Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain.’