Central Land Council

An Australian Government statutory authority, we have been working with Central Land Council for several years on a range of materials and publications to help raise their public profile locally and nationally, as well as communicate with Council Members, Traditional Owners and other Aboriginal residents of Central Australia. There are 15 different Aboriginal language groups in Central Australia, all represented among the CLC's 90 Council Members. With an audience who have a first language other than English, a highly illustrative approach has been required for some of the materials, such as the complete overhaul of the Council's governance manual that we undertook in 2012.

The trusting relationship we have built with the CLC makes the production of their annual report a streamlined process.

CLC Annual Reports

CLC Booklets

A series of brochures highlights the roles and responsibilities of the CLC to communicate the breadth of their work to the public.

A governance manual that better considers its audience has been a success for training new Council Members.

CLC Fold Out