2015 Darwin International Film Festival

We were recently invited to pitch for the Darwin International Film Festival 2015 creative campaign, which we were subsequently awarded.

This campaign called for an overall creative execution that would translate coherently to both traditional and digital media.

Through our concept, we wanted to convey cinema's ability to suspend reality and take the audience on a journey into a world outside of their own, temporarily suspending belief. The dreamlike nature of the graphic is playful and incorporates iconic Darwin elements to give the visual a connection to place.

It was also important that the main visual resonated with the target market as well as cut through the visuals from other similar dry season events.

Traditional media included a custom designed printed program, newspaper advertising, radio and television commercials as well as large format posters and banners.

Digital media included social media graphics, website graphics and an eInvite, all featuring consistently branded visuals to strengthen the overall campaign.

The 2015 DIFF distinctive posters stand out from other events

DIFF Posters


DIFF pull up banner at the festival's launch

DIFF program and the 2015 creative concept featured on September's Off The Leash cover


DIFF-2015-ProgramsOTL-5 RT

The 2015 DIFF program outlines the festivals vibrant lineup of films and workshops

The 2015 DIFF Creative Concept conveys cinema's ability to suspend reality and take the audience on a journey into another world

DIFF Poster Graphic-01-01

DIFF-2015-ProgramsOTL-9 RT

DIFF Program