2015 Alice Springs Show

An iconic local event, the annual Alice Springs Show is now in its 56th year. For a number of years we have conceptualised and developed a theme to be used to market each show. For 2015 the Central Australian Show Society asked that we focus on the traditional values of a country show and its primary purpose to entertain the public, encourage community engagement and participation, and to acknowledge and celebrate local businesses and individual talent. It was also important that the identity be able to be modified easily for use beyond the 2015 show season and become identifiable with the Show year round. Our solution has been to use text 'equations' that break down the elements of the Show and communicate the depth of the event. This is accompanied with a series of stylised icons that can be easily added to, and represent different aspects of the Show.

AV work for the Alice Springs Show includes the production of TV Commercials as well as filmed documentation of the event itself. We also write a marketing plan specific to each year and manage the Show's social media accounts. The result is a cohesive marketing strategy and materials across all media.

TV advertising is successfully used to promote events, deadlines and participation opportunities of each show.

2015 Show

The theme informs all promotional material for each Alice Springs Show – visual and written.