How to Win over the World with Video Marketing

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only had YouTube in our lives for little over a decade. Technology moves fast and once that ball of digital video started rolling, it very soon took over the world. Now, it’s hard to imagine our lives without YouTube or videos on every second web page we visit.

Video has become a truly powerful form of communication and one of the strongest ways to market in the digital age.

If you haven’t tried implementing some videos into your digital marketing plan yet, it’s time to start. Here’s some reasons why.

Video content is engaging and shareable

In a time when our attention spans are lower than ever, a video is often able to do something that a few blocks of text might not. The average attention span of a digital consumer in 2017 is eight seconds. That’s not a lot of time to get your point across! Videos are able to hook a viewer in and, if they are done well, keep them hooked for longer than they would spend reading a lengthy Facebook post or article.

Videos are able to engage with your audience quickly… if you’ve done it well. They are a good way to relate to your customers, connecting with them on a level they are familiar with. When this is the case, people are more likely to share your content, spreading your message further, creating more recognition for your name and brand.


Sometimes, the continuous updates of platforms like Facebook and other social media channels work in your favour. The autoplay feature that is now the default setting of so many of these is the perfect example.

Any video content you upload is going to have at least a few seconds of play, a fleeting chance to grab someone’s attention. Grab that chance and use it well.

If your video content is immediately engaging, accidental viewers are more likely to pause and finish watching your content when it appears in their feed. Make your message clear and punchy to get the most out of that short amount of attention you’re grabbing.

Also on the note of autoplay functions - your video content should still give its message without sound. While autoplay might get you a few extra views, you don’t want your meaning to be lost if those extra viewers don’t have the sound switched on.

You get to show some skill and personality

There are so many ways that you can get creative and think outside the box with social media marketing. Video is definitely one of those avenues! Video marketing is not just another chance for a slideshow of products. This medium gives you a chance to show a bit more.

Creating some video content for your business might be the time for you to build recognition of a face behind the name, or show how great your customer service values are. You can get creative with it. Let’s say you run a local plumbing business and have decided to strengthen your image with some video content. You could produce videos like:

  • How to remove a U bend and find that lost wedding ring
  • A testimonial from a happy customer
  • What difference does a water filter make to your taps and pipes?
  • Some advice on the best times to water the garden and what gadgets you can use
  • A short skit on how the plumber saved the day

The list could keep going, you just need to think outside the box and get a little bit creative with how you communicate all your best features with your customers. Content that people relate to are more likely to keep them engaged.

Video content is sometimes a behind the scenes look at how your business operates. This can help your customers and online audience understand what is involved in the work you do. Giving your customers an understanding of this helps with your relationships and communications in every aspect.

If video content isn’t part of your marketing strategy yet, it might be time to start making it a priority. Using video content is a great way to grab your audience’s fleeting attention span and direct it towards your business.

The next few years will see businesses increase their marketing budgets for video marketing as more people realise the benefits that video content can provide.