Alice Springs - finding strength in community

At the time of writing this blog post, the world is indeed a very strange place. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, every country working through different scales of disaster with various solutions. People are feeling anxious, lonely, defiant. We’re searching for ways to meet our social needs through new technologies and creative expression. More than ever, we are asking for help and putting aside our pride, we’re also keeping an eye out for neighbours who could benefit from the help we can offer.

While this is a scary time, it’s also been one of reflection and growth for so many. Change has come to businesses that will see them grow even after all this, people are recognising how much we all need each other. We’re realising that working together and offering as much as we can is the best way to survive and end this crisis quickly.

Alice Springs shines

At bellette, the initial brunt of virus panic hit us hard. We lost a lot of clients who were (understandably) worried about spending money, we felt the anxiety creep in - from being in town and trying to maintain social distance, from our boss’ stress and concern for all our jobs, for our families who are scattered across the planet. It was grim. It was hard for everyone. Two weeks felt like a full year. We know it’s been like that for all or most of you.

But lo and behold, Alice was ready for this. The community that we call home has been practising for such a time as this for as long as we can remember. When community is what is needed, Alice shines. Very quickly we recognised how much people cared; everyone we spoke to was checking in to see how we were fairing, old relationships were reawakened in industries that are being overwhelmed by work and could offer us some projects out of it, the government offered support, our team rallied in positivity. Outside of the workplace, the whole town sprung into action - Facebook groups were created, people who had kept their jobs took on the responsibility of spending more on local business and those who’d lost jobs volunteered their time to support those who were struggling with the immensity of it all. 

We have never been more proud to call the NT home.

If you’ve followed us for a while you might have heard us tout that ‘the community you live in is only as strong as what you put back into it’. We feel like now is a good time to chat about that, feels relevant, no?

The strength of our community comes from you

More often than not, if you’re not enjoying where you live, or your workplace - there’s something you can do about it. And we’re not talking about kicking up a stink and complaining bitterly. We’re talking about acting in the way you want to see change take place, putting your support behind the things you like most, getting involved in the conversation. The best way to lead is by doing, showing kindness, support and reliability to those around you is a surefire way to strengthen any relationship - and it’s contagious.

We will always advocate that change starts with you. With each of us. And that if you love your community you should do everything you can to give it power in the areas you love. There are so many ways this can be done - through sponsorship of a local sports team or event, offering volunteer time to a good cause, smiling at a stranger, standing up for someone in the street (or online as may more so be the case these days), or maybe paying forward a coffee at your local cafe. The more you put in, the more others follow suit, and your community becomes stronger as you do and will have your back when you need it most.

Great things happen when we’re in it together

Alice Springs is a place that people come to for work or perhaps adventure and experience - but they stay for the community they find here.

As a transient place, people and opportunities open up quickly, coming here you quickly find yourself drawn in to the closeness of everything and everyone. You’ll be involved in different hobby or charity groups, your kids will have a go at a few different sports and activities, you’ll collaborate with different organisations to complete a project - you soon realise that the magic of Alice Springs is its sense of community.

Community comes when people support each other and work together and it is community that has seen Alice weather so many storms. People helping people, putting their hand up when they know they have something to contribute in support, because no doubt someone has done the same for them in the past. This giant pool of support and togetherness is how we know that this town will come out the other side of this all the stronger.

As much as we write this as a word of encouragement and love, we also write it as a call to action - it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep an eye out for their neighbour. To offer the help we are able to - to continue to promote and uphold the strength of this community. We’re in this together (excuse the cliche) whether it’s to give or to receive, we need to be aware of our position and what we can offer in support of those who need it.

We frigging love this place, we love the NT, it’s in our blood and it gives us so much joy to see it grow and its people thrive. So in a lot of what we do, we put this mantra first - your community is only as strong as what you put back into it. For us, as a business, this often comes in the form of ongoing relationships, sponsorships, extra unbilled time. For you, it could look like anything, we encourage you to have a think about what it could be. For such a time as this is when community matters most.