Stories that promote community

Living in a small town has its perks. In any small town, there’s the closeness and support rallying behind anything you put your mind to, there’s the lack of commute to… anywhere, and the quietness that allows you to take a breath and appreciate doing things that make for your own long term good health and the betterment of your community. We don’t appreciate small towns enough in today’s busy media. We’re sure that anyone who’s spent any amount of time in one would tell you of the benefits they’ve reaped - even if they’ve only stayed for a short time.

We know we’re biased, but Alice Springs definitely has an extra little bit of magic about it. It has that closeness and support of a community, and beyond that, it also has never-ending possibilities for growth and opportunity and a ridiculously beautiful landscape that it sits in. Everyone you talk to is working on or planning something interesting and exciting, career prospects are bright, friendships are fast and strong. This place is special… and we just can’t stop talking about it.

Alice is perhaps an exception to the usual small-town vibe in that it has a lot of the facilities of a much larger city, due to the fact that it supports so many surrounding communities. There are arts and culture events galore and so many activities you can’t keep up with. We don’t feel isolated or deprived (except maybe for a few culinary and fashion delights), we honestly feel like we’re living life to its absolute fullest.

You know what though? It’s perhaps the infectious enthusiasm of the people here that make this place so addictive. What influences that joy and builds a place where you can be content and fulfilled?

Sharing stories

In Alice, you tend to run into someone you know everywhere you go. You become a master at either the quick dodge or the fleeting street catch up. There’s always something to chat about, a story to share - people love to be in the loop. It’s human nature to want to know what’s going on with the people you know (hello Facebook stalkers) and in a small town that is only amplified because you end up knowing so many MORE people. 

Of course, the stories are abuzz with the people you see in the street, but just wait ‘til you hear them talk to the people they know from places they used to call home. We can almost guarantee that every story is filled with sparkle and pazazz, trying to convince loved ones across the globe to come and visit this place we’ve all fallen in love with. The stories that come out of Alice Springs speak of creativity, adventure, mind-opening experiences, the closest of relationships and of course, lots of weather talk. The stories from around here are worth sharing, they are exciting! We should all promote the stories of our local community more if we want people to recognise the magic of a small town. Part of enjoying your local community is promoting it at every chance you get - it’s all about the conversation!

Getting involved with a community group or project

We’re lucky in Alice to have about a million options when it comes to extracurricular activities and getting involved with one is a surefire way to make your life here more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to make friends, get fit, learn something new or contribute back to the community, there’s a slot for you to slip into.

Some of the things our team has been involved with include; BMX riding and coaching, community pop choir, Gov Hackathons, youth centre volunteering, festival set designing, aviation history groups, circus performance, environmental activism, charity marathons and so many more. With this involvement, every person has found that their life becomes less centred around work and they gain more than just balance, but also a great sense of fulfilment and achievement. 

While it can make for quite a busy life, getting involved with a group or project can do so much for your overall happiness. Your social circle will expand, you’ll learn new skills and have done something to be proud of and tell stories about.

Taking notice of the good things that are happening around you

It’s so easy to get caught up in your own little world, to live in a bubble and enjoy it. Part of appreciating where you live though is to enjoy the diversity and recognising that your community is a stronghold full of people who are advocating for its constant improvement. Take a look around you and notice how much effort and love goes into building the place you’re in. There’s so much to be proud of.

All of these things really feed into each other, getting involved and noticing more means that you’ve got more stories to tell. You are an ambassador for your town, tell the stories that promote community in every sense of the word. You will only enjoy it all the more.

Coincidentally, if you have a story you’d like to share, we’ve got a platform for you to do it. What used to be The Outback Chat - a TV series about local events is now Around Here - a totally online community storytelling space. We want to be able to provide an outlet for people who’ve got something interesting to share, we also want it to be easy for you to get involved. For this project, we’re putting away all our fancy camera gear and arming ourselves with just a smartphone. We’re really enjoying being able to get out and talk to people about things they love doing, without the constraints of a free-to-air ad break. Check it out if you like, maybe you’d even like to film a little something yourself and send it in to have it featured on Around Here. We’re excited to do this with you and see where it goes!