Why everyone needs to get off their butts NOW

As an employer, you understand that happy staff leads to higher productivity and lower turnover. 

There are certain lengths you need to go to, to ensure your employees are happy, to boost team morale. It is a proven fact that happy people are more productive. They are also healthier, will stick around longer at a workplace and be positive advocates for their services.

There are plenty of ways you can do this, going to either end of the scale. As with anything in life, a little bit can go a long way and more is always more.

We feel quite lucky at bellette (and no the boss isn’t standing over my shoulder making me write this) each week we get fruit delivered, cold spring water, newly refurbished aircon - which in the Alice Springs climate is worth its weight in gold - and not least of all, we have beautiful standing desks. All of these things make us enjoy coming to work more, it makes our office a nicer place to be than at home, it makes us feel healthier in a sedentary office lifestyle and most of all it makes us feel looked after and appreciated by our bosses.

And for our boss, it works out well too. Investing in a healthy office space means that staff are staying healthier and happier too. Which means less sick days and higher levels of productivity. Eating fresh fruit instead of junk as snacks, drinking more water, standing for periods at a time - it’s a win-win scenario.

Really, we just want to talk about how much we love our standing desks. Our aim is to convert you all. Brace yourselves.

We all know that sitting down all day is no good, but do you realise how good standing up for just a few hours a day can be for you? 

Building a healthy lifestyle

There is evidence to show that standing up for just three hours a day is equivalent to doing 10 marathons in a year. When you’re working 9 - 5 in an office all day it can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise when you get home. And we all know how important exercise is. By implementing some standing hours into your work day, you’re already working towards a healthier lifestyle, I mean, you’re basically running marathons!

Pair this with actual exercise (although unfortunately, you can’t enforce this), encourage healthy eating as well and you’ll have the healthiest team on the block. The benefits of this to your productivity and bottom dollar are huge.

Better ergonomics = less health issues

Bad backs, neck pain, strained eyes are all things we would associate with long office hours. Ergonomics plays a huge role in solving a lot of these issues, so much so that we’ve even worked it into our workplace health and safety policy.

There are plenty of ways you can improve the ergonomics of your workplace. Things like raising the computer screen, gym balls instead of chairs or even memory foam chairs that give you support in all the right places. If you’re working at a standing desk you’ll want to look into some cushioned floor mats too, your feet have their limits.

Creating a more ergonomic office space often leads to less body problems, and therefore less sick days. Ensuring that your staff are comfortable and well supported with these things means that they won’t tire as easily and won’t leave the office feeling sore and grumpy.

Feeling appreciated = higher productivity

Valuing your employees and showing appreciation through means that benefit all round is always a smart investment.

There will always be people who complain or who don’t understand why you’d spend money on the office space, but there will be those who will revel quietly in their beautiful office space, those whose productivity is boosted not only by being in a nice clean space but also from the feeling that they are valued by their employer.

At the end of the day, investing in your office ergonomics is an investment in your staff and the longevity and productivity of your team. Creating positive workplace experiences starts at the top. When your staff are happy, healthy and appreciated they will ultimately do more to benefit your business all round.