Cheap, Scalable & Effective Content Marketing

Content Marketing Need Not be Stressful

There are a million reasons why businesses include blogs and articles in their websites. These little gems of content are a way to establish expertise and credibility. They keep Google happy with a website that is regularly updated. They answer questions your customers might have which makes your working relationship smoother and stronger.

When you’ve got a strategy behind the blogs and articles you’re putting up on your website, you’ve got a content marketing campaign.

The content marketing game is one where you need to be smart about the ways you go about to achieve what you want. Content marketing campaigns don’t guarantee to bring the customers flocking. You’re not alone if you’ve invested a great deal of time, money and effort on strategies that didn’t deliver much.

One of the big challenges that small-to-medium businesses face is how to create cheap content marketing campaigns that are both affordable AND effective.

What are the right topics?

When our content marketers have a stroke of content genius, we need to get our clients on board with it to start the process. We provide data to back up our claims that the campaign will work and need to opt for topics that are relevant to the target audience.

There are a huge range of tools out there that trawl the internet and social media for trending topics related to a particular industry. Buzzsumo is one such tool. Used by many content marketers to find out what people are talking about and can help give a content strategy the boost it needs.

Which topics should I focus on?

There’s a certain unicorn element about the perfect content strategy. You want material that’s interesting, engaging and affordable and you want it FAST. There are  plenty of topics you can write blogs and articles about that will tick those boxes.

To name a few, you could write about:

  • products and services being launched
  • recent achievements
  • additions to your team
  • opinion pieces about the latest market developments.

Great content can help you establish yourself as a leading player in your field. It can win the trust of the audience you are targeting.

Need outside help?

A fun way to bring a bit of interaction into you content can be through quizzes. These can get customers really engaging with what you’re talking about.. You can outsource this kind of material to other content creators if you do hit a brick wall and can’t think of an interesting topic or angle.

In your endeavours towards finding the perfect content marketing strategy, you will no doubt come across plenty of experts saying that this is an area that is over saturated and hard to achieve success in. This makes the need for innovation ever more essential.

Data can be an indispensable lifesource when it comes to successful cheap content marketing and doesn’t have to be based solely on Google data. You can also look at whitepapers and other forms of audience research. Often focus groups and surveys have already been carried out on the areas you’re interested in.

Sometimes all you need to get those creative juices flowing is to step away from the office and the computer screen. Don’t be afraid to opt for a change of scenery if you’re lacking in cheap content marketing ideas.