Building your business in the NT

There is renewed focus in the Northern Territory as the Business Communities and NT Government commit to diversification of the economy. The NT Government is looking to act on unfulfilled promises of the past, grow regional markets and roll out pioneering initiatives to attract new private sector investment.

But will the NT Government really deliver on its “boundless possible” offering?

At a time when Australia’s population has crept over the 25 million mark, the NT Government is looking to capitalise on the Northern Territory’s competitive strengths and illustrate that the major population centres of Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne are under increasing infrastructure pressure; roads are jammed, and residential opportunities are limited.

Northern Territory Government

If you consider that the NT has a population of just 246,000, which is just 1% of the nation’s population, but that 1% occupies 17.5% of the country’s landmass, suddenly the boundless possibil(ities) slogan starts to make sense.

And there are plenty of facts to back that up:

-          The NT’s capital city, Darwin has a well-connected international airport which means in just a few short hours, you can fly to any of Australia’s major cities.

-          Several major international hubs are accessible from Darwin, including Shenzhen (Hong Kong), Singapore and Bali.

-          With a landmass of over 1.4 million km² there is plenty of room to grow

-          The NT Government has created a wide range of financial incentives to individuals and families looking to relocate to the NT of up to $15,000

-          The educational facilities ranging from Primary School to University are world class

Among the wide range of initiatives set out by the NT Government, there has also been a release of several ambitious development frameworks which outline the future economic, infrastructure and environmental plans for the Northern Territory; and there are several impressive expansion strategies in the pipeline.

The development frameworks outline the NT Government’s Economic, Enterprise, Society, Resource, Tourism, Defence and Infrastructure strategies to develop the Northern Territory into the thriving region it has the potential to be:

Economic Development Framework

Infrastructure Development Framework

Tourism Development Framework

Population Development Framework

Darwin CBD in particular is being geared up to be a particularly impressive hub for new businesses, commercial opportunities and tourism, with a range of projects scheduled to bring new life and vibrancy to the city.

“Our goal is a greener, safer and more modern city where people can achieve commercial and personal success and unlock our CBD’s potential as an attractive, bustling and connected capital.” NTGovernment

First impressions count, and in 2018 Territoria Civil was awarded the first construction project at Garramilla Boulevard creating a new, accessible and attractive entry point into the CBD and lowering the already low congestion on the roads.

From 2018 to 2028, the Darwin City Deal will see the NT Government redevelop much of the city, transforming the CBD into a vibrant tropical capital, creating significantly more commercial opportunities and improving the quality of life for residents.

The key initiatives in the City Deal include:

-          A new education and civic precinct, with a new Charles Darwin University city campus that will attract more international students and bring vibrancy to the CBD

-          Redeveloping State Square to create a cooler, greener precinct that will provide more space for outdoor events and festivals, replacing heat-generating car parks

-          An Urban Living Lab that will research and develop tropical heat mitigation measures and climate-appropriate design, in conjunction with the community

-          Preserving and promoting Larrakia culture through a Larrakia Host program and facilitating a Larrakia Cultural Centre

The NT Government also has an optimistic approach on tourism for Australia’s tropical capital city. In 2018, plans started to develop a world class Water Theme Park at the Stokes Hill Wharf precinct, which would include:

-          Entertainment precincts

-          Public open space

-          Recreational activities

-          Accommodation options

-          Food and retail outlets

-          Other unique and distinctive offerings

Boundless Possible is starting to make sense…!

bellette in the community

As the leading Creative and Communications Agency in the Northern Territory, we see the transformation of the NT happening around us. We are proud to be involved directly with the Northern Territory Government and a wide range of businesses delivering the initiatives and supporting the development of the Northern Territory.

We are extremely committed in helping businesses in the region grow and prosper. We see the opportunities every day, we thrive in our creative, historic and uniquely traditional culture and we see the future of the Northern Territory as a thriving and economically healthy region.