YMCA of the NT

YMCA of the NT is an essential institution within the Northern Territory and, for YMCA, across the globe. It delivers services focused on young people, recreation and fitness across three regional centres in the NT

YMCA of the NT has a very in-depth and detailed brand guide to follow to ensure they keep in line with national and international standards of the brand. A brand is more than just colours and fonts; it is the true personality of the organisation, and its execution is integral to ensuring that customers are aware of who they’re interacting with, and where they stand.

The YMCA of the NT is a new subsidiary, and responsible for enforcing brand controls throughout the organisation. This becomes quite difficult when you’re dealing with long distances and a wide number of team members. The solution to this is to engage a graphic design team to help produce any collateral you may need – which can become quite expensive very quickly.

We’ve recently begun integrating Canva into our own workflows – you can read more about this on our blog – and have been inputting designed documents and elements into Canva for client brands. This way, our clients are able to control their brand and make changes as they wish – without a hefty price tag.

We created different groups for YMCA of the NT’s three core areas: recreation, youth services and children’s services. These three areas have their own distinct colours and elements, and we created templates for things they usually create like posters, group fitness timetables and social media tiles.

Not only that, access to the templates in Canva is restricted to a set number of people, and what they can change within the template is also restricted. This helps to ensure only text and basic images are changed, and no additions that don’t match the brand are added. Canva is able to have a feature where designs have to be approved by an administrator before they can be downloaded – a super helpful feature in this circumstance.

This new way of designing collateral for an organisation has meant that YMCA of the NT can empower its team on the ground to create collateral as required, without having to engage an outside design team. It also helps to build the confidence of staff in their own abilities, and in learning new skills with online software.