World Vision

World Vision is an organisation that helps communities and children to overcome poverty and injustice around the world. They run programs across the globe, and one of their projects is based right here in Central Australia in the Aboriginal community Nyirripi, located 250km north-west of Alice Springs. 

We have recently introduced the tool Procreate into our workflow, equipping our graphic design team with the ability to make digital graphics with the same feeling and techniques that an artist experiences on paper. The program only requires a one-off cost of $15 and is exclusively available on iPad, enhanced by using the Apple Pencil in tandem with the program. 

World Vision brought this technology into one of its programs, ‘Unlock Literacy’, to teach varying forms of literacy to Aboriginal Australians. This project is being executed by a team of artists, teachers and Elders, and overseen by World Vision. Bellette was contracted to cover a class on tech literacy and the program, Procreate.

Due to the simplicity of Procreate – especially in comparison to the industry standard Adobe Creative Suite – it is very easy to navigate and resembles working with paints, or on paper, very easily.

Our team did a road trip out to Nyirripi to show the teachers and artists on the ground how to use the program. We began a project together to produce a book, detailed with hand-drawn images of different body parts and different ailments that affect them – with the Walpiri words for both next to them. The goal of the book is to create a type of dictionary to help carry the language on, as well as help both community members and health practitioners to communicate about particular ailments in their bodies. 

This was a unique project for our team members, who both experienced their first-ever visit to an Aboriginal Community and were able to see more of our great Central Australian environment. 

We were able to share with the client a stop motion video of all of the iPad screens used and the work done on them that day – as Procreate has a great screen-recording feature. Being able to see new skills being learnt and well-received by all members of the session was a major highlight of this trip, and we look forward to seeing the creations that come from this program.