Walpiri Youth and Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC)

WYDAC provides programs and support services that sustain young Walpiri people, instilling confidence and building leadership skills to strengthen their own communities.

bellette worked with WYDAC to produce their 2017 annual report, capturing the core message of developing positive, meaningful futures as individuals, with a widespread benefit to communities. To illustrate these ideals our team drew upon highly personalised and charismatic visual imagery, presenting the corporation’s year in a way that could not help but draw the reader into the success and obvious passion of their endeavours.

WYDAC made our job easy by providing us with some really beautiful high quality photographs. Due to the fact that these images showed so much personality on their own, we chose to use them as features throughout the report, adding graphic elements to create hierarchy and guide the reader through the publication. Our designer developed a number of infographics to break up the text and present important data in a way that commanded attention, to further highlight WYDAC’s achievements.