Triathlon NT MOV3

Triathlon Northern Territory (TNT) is the not-for-profit, peak organisation responsible for governance, development and promotion of triathlons within the Northern Territory.

TNT came to bellette needing a new and unique brand identity for their ‘Pathway Program’. The program was established to focus on movement for children based around foundational triathlon activities. They wanted to encourage the younger generation to get involved in triathlon events through the idea of participation, with a focus on recreation and fun, rather than ‘competition’.

bellette worked with TNT’s goal to inform the visual representation of their promotional materials, ensuring that the message they wanted to send was amplified via their branding aesthetics.

The concept brought in elements of the three triathlon sports to spell out the word ‘MOV3’, stemming from and complementing the new ‘Move and Improve’ slogan. An upbeat typeface assisted in creating the personality for each letter. The letter E was swapped out for the number three to add a youthful feel, and the colour palette was intentionally very bright.

The name and slogan combo were supported with images of a diverse group of children participating in and enjoying the outdoor activities.

The new branding has aided in changing public perception of the triathlon program, encouraging children to participate in the sport for fun, while promoting the program to parents for its childhood development benefits. We relished the opportunity to work with another community organisation that helps to improve the health and well being of Northern Territorians.