Todd Tavern

The oldest local pub in Alice from 1959, the Todd Tavern is these days one of the most iconic places in town, as true to the core of Alice Springs as the river that runs alongside it. It is a place for locals to reminisce over and travellers to feel the true Outback experience. It is a place of good old-fashioned hospitality, comradery and the chance to engage in The Alice spirit.

Having not updated their image for quite some time, Todd Tavern came to us looking for a brand revamp and an update in technology to go with it. We started by creating a new logo, establishing a base for the evolution of their brand. Using the latest brand image we designed and created a standout website for the pub, working with them to create distinct visual and written content they would be able to utilise further over time.

The online design takes its cues from the aim of keeping true to what this old pub represents in town - an iconic outback pub being thoughtfully revitalised into a present-day place to enjoy and relate to your fellow man. The logo keeps a classic pub vibe while pulling the Todd Tavern into a more contemporary space. This feeling was carried through the web design via vintage filters and textures applied to the overall look and feel.

Strong emphasis was put on the ‘history’ page of the website, with bellette undertaking our own local network digging, to find relatives of the original owners for some extra information and stories to tell. We sourced a great range of old newspaper clippings and slide photographs, slowly building an intriguing story around how the pub came to be - and the influence it, and its owner, had when it did. Including these stories in the new site gives the Todd Tavern a direct link to where it has come from, adding to its authenticity, character and sentimentality to the town. While the Todd Tavern may be looking to update its look and operations, it is still well and truly a historic old pub, with an important history to relate.