The Outback Chat

Outback Chat is a two minute weekly look at what is on in Alice Springs, airing over the local television station footprint. Each episode involves working with a varied group of sponsors and personality filled community events, to produce the seasonal series. 

bellette undertakes the initiative to research events, script, source guest talent, plan shoots, film, edit, and gain sponsors approval delivering the segment on a weekly basis. No small task, but one we love being involved in.

The production of Outback Chat involves filming on location, using a handheld microphone to add to the talk-back style of the show. We record voiceovers to pair with cut away video and graphics. Interviews are generally filmed outdoors to capture the natural warm glow that Alice Springs light provides as a filter, providing an instantly recognisable Central Australian context.

Outback Chat targets those in and around Alice Springs. It is hosted by long term local, Jess Mooney, who talks to well known characters about what is coming up for people to get involved in. The message  we are promoting is a love of what Alice has to offer and encouragement to be a part of growing it via a positive community spirit. The style of the show is lighthearted and conversational, as the name suggests. We aim to inject a bit of humour and fun, it’s a space for people who have been in Alice forever, as well as people who are just arriving and trying to figure the place out.

bellette created the original format for the show, designing concepts for branding, and management of social media. Our Design Studio is also instrumental in developing the brand identity, tone and spirit of the Outback Chat segment.

The logo makes best use of the main medium of the project, incorporating movement wherever it can - the looped animation used on social media and in the show itself, reflects all the things happening in Alice using icons categorise types of events, and bright colours give spark and dynamism.

The show has proven to be popular with the Alice Springs community, promoting a unique zeal for Alice and the opportunities to be had here with every interaction. This outcome is true to bellette’s core values and shows an aspect of Alice Springs that so many of us love being a part of.