The Deckchair Cinema

The Deckchair Cinema in Darwin is run by the Darwin Film Society, who uniquely operate an outdoor cinema under the stars, for the duration of the dry season. It is an iconic destination where locals and visitors alike go to enjoy films that may not have graced local cinema chains. The Deckchair Cinema offers an alternative arts culture and entertainment source, in a relaxed and social environment.

bellette has worked with The Deckchair Cinema for a number of seasons to produce programs filled with information about the films, session times and general entertainment. The work comes under one of our many sponsorships fostering community spirit. The positive environment that it creates is something we are proud to be involved with.

Our aim is that the programs themselves create a visual reminder of the event, their physical form allowing them to be stuck on the fridges of movie lovers across Darwin or stacked in tourist hotspots. They are immediately recognisable as 'cinema related' material, helping them get picked out of a crowd of other brochures, and enticing anyone interested in film and the arts to browse.