Territory Day

Territory day is a state holiday that comes around  July 1st every year, it is a showcase of the freedoms of a Territory lifestyle and the beauty of this place. NT Major Events holds  celebratory happenings across the Territory every year on the day itself, including live music from big bands, family activities, food, fireworks and more.

bellette was approached to create a promotional video that shows off all the great aspects of Territory living for Central Australia. With more than 10 years of catalogued film on our servers we were more than ready to create a great video to cover this!

We pulled together footage of every iconic event, sporting group, national parks and arts displays, as well as an array of shots showing all the great hallmarks of Alice Springs. The result was something that captured the incredible social scene and lifestyle of those who call Alice home. It is a video that creates a sense of pride for locals, and enticement to explore further for those who have only touched the surface so far.