Source (formally Zero Mass Water) develops, manufactures, installs and maintains hydropanels. Hydropanels are a new technology, powered by solar energy to absorb water vapour from the air and convert it into pure drinking water. 

Source is one of the first providers in this space, and is implementing this technology in Yuelamu – a remote Central Australian Aboriginal community. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they were unable to send their usual camera crew out to the community to capture on-the-ground footage – that’s where we came in. 

We developed a corporate video of the project, to be used for promotional purposes for future projects that are within a similar scope range. Central Australia does have a unique weather pattern and climate, so the challenges faced on this site will allow Source to potentially execute this technology in similar climates around the world. 

We travelled out to Yuelamu to capture footage on the ground, travelling over three hours on a dirt road to be met with dusty, dry and windy conditions. This was challenging for our drone to handle, and put our cinematographer’s drone-flying skills to the test. 

After filming at the project site, we interviewed a resident of Yuelamu about what a project like this means to their community. Yuelamu currently doesn’t have easily accessible drinking water; their dam was infected with blue algae five years ago. Drinking water is only accessible from a select few groundwater taps – which is only safe after it has been effectively treated. 

This project has major potential to improve the livelihoods of residents within Yuelamu, and to create future water security longevity. 

Not only was this a groundbreaking project for our own company, Source, and the community of Yuelamu; it was also an interesting way to work. The Source team is based all over the world, so we had points of contact across the US and Australia. Our Project Director had to work across multiple timezones to ensure important points could be actioned before the Central Australian deadline. This added an additional level of challenge to managing this project as we engaged with land councils, the client and Traditional Owners in remote locations.