Showcase Jewellers

Showcase Jewellers is a locally owned and run jewellery store in Alice Springs, they have been operational since 1953 and have long been trusted for their quality product and customer service. The business stocks a varied range of watches, fine jewellery and trinkets. 

We have worked with Showcase Jewellers in managing social media, namely their Facebook page, for quite some time and have seen some great results come from it. Part of this includes gathering a selection of pieces from the store and setting up a photo shoot to create original  online material with an authentic approach. Our strategy has been to develop regular posting and activity that is proactively relevant to location, audience and community.

bellette has developed a consistent style for the page which has seen their audience expand and enthusiastically engage with not only the product, but the personality we have created around the brand. Showcase Jewellers has a following that is steadily growing in response to the use of high quality, relatable social media content. A great example of how social media can be used to create a loyal fan base and build a relationship with your customers.