Shell Australia - National Road Transport Hall of Fame

As an enthusiastic supporter of the Australian trucking industry, Shell Australia is a long-term sponsor of the National Road Transport Hall of Fame and its annual reunion event. They came to us needing a versatile on-site photographer for portrait shots, in line with Shell brand guidelines, delivering them in rapid turnaround time - the day following the event.

Having the right equipment, expert lighting know-how and a willingness to work under non-studio conditions were paramount to the job, to say nothing of the pressure of short deadlines! Ensuring we provided clear instructions, as well as quick setup and workarounds to move the queue, was imperative to the success of this project.

Creatively, we are looking to represent the energy and accomplishment of the industry. Despite the awkward lighting, set nature of subject placement, and highly social focus to the event, we are wanting our images to convey the professionalism, hard work and collegiate respect with which people have carved out their working lives.

The logistical challenges of this job in no way diminish the pleasure of taking part since 2013. bellette looks forward to celebrating the achievements of new inductees, and documenting one of the more memorable moments of their trucking careers for years to come.