Safari Lodge Motel

When Safari Lodge Motel, located in Tennant Creek, approached bellette with the brief of creating an enduring corporate ID to accompany a warm welcome and valued appreciation for guests of the motel - we were excited to get started straight away!

The goal of this project was to position Safari Lodge Motel as a memorable destination in the NT, one where guests would want to return to time and time again. Tennant Creek inspires a great deal of local loyalty and community pride, that outweighs some of the challenges of geography and a smaller population. This is the reason for the Safari Lodge investment and commitment, and we were keen to represent that enthusiasm across all their collateral.

Starting with the logo we applied all our best practice know how to shape the expectations and curiosity of potential travellers looking for accomodation drawing on the natural colours and cultural heritage of the stunning Warumungu Country.

Landscape inspired colours, textures and shapes flowed through to the website complimented by strongly coloured images showcasing the Barkly in all it’s sundrenched glory.

We took a great deal of pleasure in the joy of developing design elements with such a personal touch to them, and the staff at the Safari Lodge Motel are excited to be able to use this new gift to create a lasting warm impression.

To provide the desired for guest reception, we designed thank you notes to accompany a box of gourmet biscuit bites that guests would find in their room upon arrival and personalised welcome cards to convey the high level of regard that the Lodge has for their guests.