Rosebery Primary School

Rosebery Primary School is a newly established primary school in Palmerston, Northern Territory. It is a school that takes a modern take on the more traditional system and has made a name for themselves as being open, inclusive and progressive. Rosebery Primary School enrols a diverse cohort of students, with Indigenous kids representing 10% of the student populus, another 34% of students come from a background where English is their second language. The school population is also quite transient, as 30% of students are from families that are actively serving in the Australian Defence Force and move around regular deployments.

Rosebery Primary School approached bellette to create a mural that encompassed the creativity and personalities of their students, whilst unifying the school’s diverse student body. The artwork was collated by hosting a drawing and writing activity across the school for students to illustrate the school’s values and what they mean to each of them personally.

These values are:

  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Cooperation
  • Respect 
  • Integrity

The artwork came from students as young as 5, and as old as 12 so there was a great difference in the complexity of their illustrations and ideas. We selected pieces from the supplied scans that represented all ages and would translate well to mural form, that could be be simplified where necessary. Our design team then scanned and digitally traced the students’ artwork and created individual panels for each of the values, with a unifying background design that would be carried through to each of the panels to maintain consistency. 

Throughout this project, it was important for our design team not to alter the student’s artwork in a way that any student would not recognise the artwork as their own, in its original form. Keeping the integrity of the art throughout the design meant that students would see their work on display and feel a sense of pride and inclusivity in the project itself as well as for the school community they are a part of. The majority of artwork provided was included in the mural, with only a few not making an appearance due to the size limitations of the mural. 

The production and installation of the mural was coordinated with a local supplier and constructed of printed vinyl wrapped on an aluminium panel, ensuring the mural is weatherproof. During the course of the project, the panel sizes were adjusted, firstly to keep the cost of production down and then again to accommodate a security light that was on the wall.

It was exciting, refreshing and challenging to work with student artwork and the constraints this placed on the project. It was important to respect the student’s creative work, whilst creating something that would work as a mural - not to mention the student artwork was super cute!

Rosebery Primary School was very pleased with the end product and while it was their idea to make a mural out of the students’ responses to the school values, they hadn’t been able to actually picture how that would look or work so they relied heavily on our creative expertise to put it together.