Red Centre BMX (RCBMX)

The sporting community of Alice Springs is a big one, there are options for almost every activity imaginable, it’s part of what makes Alice Springs such a great place to live. We have been supporting Red Centre BMX for quite some time and really enjoy the life and energy that it brings to those who get involved. It fosters an enthusiastic community around it, and promotes a positive and healthy lifestyle accessible to all ages and genders, aiming to get full family participation.

bellette regularly create videos and television commercials for RCBMX, and have collected a large amount of stock footage from races and training sessions over the years. This footage is invaluable to the volunteer based club as it helps with consistent marketing messages and calls for participation.

Recently, RCBMX needed a TVC to promote National Sign On Day, wanting to capture the attention of bicycle enthusiasts and hobbyists. The idea was for the commercial to build up club memberships, and keep current members informed and interested. We created a 30 second television commercial that utilises the newly developed branding, combining strong brand elements with intense track racing video clips. The commercial was able to deliver a punchy message that robustly engages the viewer’s attention.