Rabbit Howse Cafe

The Rabbit Howse Coffee Shop came to us as a brand new business venture in Alice Springs, to develop both an on the ground community, and online, presence. Funded by Indigenous Businesses Australia (IBA) the idea was to allow cafe owner, Steve, to develop his expertise in running the enterprise, while being supported by bellette Digital Marketing Arm over a six month period with digital marketing.

The Rabbit Howse boasts an industrial, hole-in-the-wall aesthetic, the look and feel creates the perfect backdrop for creating fresh, engaging social media content with a focus on exceptional coffee and delicious takeaway food.

Having opened the doors for business some months earlier in August, Steve was finding it difficult to build a loyal customer base due to the tourist season coming to a close and the weather heating up. With zero social media presence in place, the main challenge presented to us was bringing the Rabbit Howse to life by creating a bold, recognisable personality for the business.

Our goals for this exciting project centred around developing a sustainable digital strategy that Steve could continue to execute after our time together, and showcase all that the cafe has to offer to the local community through the use of compelling and original content.

After discussing desirable outcomes for the project, we set up a content shoot to create a catalogue of dynamic photos and videos that could be used as evergreen material for months into the future. Following on from this, multiple posts per week were scheduled to ensure a consistent conversation with the growing audience.

During the process of building an online following for the cafe, we had the opportunity to test various types of content to determine which resonated the most with the cafe’s audience. We’re currently in the process of developing enticing promotions to increase foot traffic to the cafe and continue to create the best result for the business going forward.

The Rabbit Howse has been a fantastic client to work with, wholeheartedly embracing the power of social media for business and allowing us to tell their visual story online. Steve plans to steadily introduce specialty coffee options in the future, and we can’t wait to see what incredible content he’s able to produce with this.