Pyndan Camel Tracks

Pyndan Camel Tracks is a longstanding local tourism operator in Alice Springs. They offer camel riding tours through the picturesque outback landscape of White Gums Station, just west of Alice Springs. They place great value on educating people about how impressive these animals are and how incredible this part of the country is, with its never-ending landscapes and unique flora and fauna.

We have worked with Pyndan Camel Tracks (Pyndan) sporadically throughout their, and our, years of operation and have a good ongoing relationship with them; our values and love for this part of the country are well aligned. In 2020, COVID-19 hit the tourism industry in a big way. Pyndan obviously had ongoing costs they couldn’t avoid, with a herd of hungry camels to feed and staff needed to tend them. 

As friends of Pyndan, we knew our skills could play a small part in helping to get out the other side of the tourism decline. We offered to take the content creation, curation and scheduling for social media off their hands for the year. This would free-up some time and focus their content on a different market for the time being, shifting the goals from national tourism to garnering local support – something the Alice Springs community is very good at.

We spent time gathering video footage and photography, talking to the Pyndan team, and researching about camels – putting together a plan for their social media strategy to carry through 2020. As many people know, things changed constantly throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and we were regularly updating our approach and targets. We worked to a monthly content schedule, putting together videos and creating posts to fill out a month’s calendar. We collaborated with Julia on the Pyndan end to streamline their regular social media communications.

Our content followed themes of education, the mindfulness that comes with riding through the landscape, and asking the community to either consider taking a tour (locals often go their whole lives without trying out the experiences that are right in front of them) or donate a small amount to help feed the camels for a week.

It was beautiful to see how the local community members of Alice Springs were always ready to offer their support to other locals. There was similar support for a lot of other businesses around town too; people understood that, if they had the means, now was their time to help carry their peers through a tough time. The community we all love would never be the same if everyone let their neighbour fall down due to circumstances out of their control. Alice rallied through COVID-19.

It was lovely being able to spend time with the camels and get such beautiful content to use throughout this project. The combination of engaging content, clear good values and people’s willingness to give support made this project really rewarding. No call for donations went unanswered and more locals were going out for tours than ever before. Great reviews of their experiences rolled in and, each month, they were able to cover the cost of food for the camels.

Pyndan Camel Tracks have regularly expressed their gratitude throughout the year for the freeing up of their time. They understand the value in a consistent social media presence and have experienced how much time this can take to keep up with. The fact that we took this task off their plate, for the time being, has been truly appreciated as their time is precious, particularly when working through the trials that 2020 has presented.