Pyndan Camel Tracks

Pyndan Camel Tracks is the only camel farm and tour provider in Alice Springs, with more than 30 years in the industry. Locally owned and operated, they provide a unique experience for locals and tourists alike wanting to discover what the area has to offer. 

Our task was collaboration for a new TV commercial, and Pyndan were keen to engage in a style update focusing on the loving interactions between visitors and the friendly camels living there.

With their only competitors having closed down, our client was finding it difficult to broadcast a message to locals that the farm and tours are still operating, as many believed that camel tours had ceased in Alice Springs altogether.

It was important for bellette to highlight Pyndan’s most popular attraction, the famous sunset tour in which patrons can view the stunning Central Australian landscape at sunset from a very unique perspective.

To convey how truly exceptional this experience is, a drone was used to capture a bird’s-eye view of a sunset tour in action. In our edit suite this was interspersed with camel interactions, demonstrating what beautiful, calm creatures they are. Slow motion animation highlights the majestic nature of creature and country, encapsulating the feeling patrons get when they slow down and truly experience the Central Australian Outback.

This project was vastly different to anything that our team has had the pleasure of working on before. Working with animals is always challenging, and this project proved no exception. Copious flies, lessons on camel behaviour, guidance for safe-distance, avoiding sudden moves and drone noise clearance, to ensure camel peace of mind and calm behaviour were all important considerations.

We stepped outside of our comfort zone and loved that we were able to play around with different creative concepts for the TVC. Perspectives probably echoed by the camels as they acted as tripod, star and first person story tellers!