The Heritage Council

The Heritage Council forms part of the NT Dept of Culture and Tourism, with the purpose of protecting and preserving all historically significant places and objects for future generations. The Council reached out to us with the thought of creating an engaging, interactive, transportable display based on a collection of Barry Skipsey photos featuring local heritage sites.

With minimal limitations in place, we had free reign creatively and logistically when problem solving look and function, and we couldn’t wait to get started! After our team brainstorming, and taking considerations of the audience demographic into account, the idea was a ‘game’ reminiscent of playground naughts and crosses. 

Using the heritage site images as the main focus, a grid of twelve wooden panels engineered to spin around inside a larger frame was constructed. One face of each panel held the jigsaw piece for a much larger image puzzle, and the other a mixture of photos and stories, with numbers correlating the matching image and words. This turned a more traditional static display into a challenging, interactive game of memory.

bellette copy writers worked collaboratively with our designer, editing the Council’s supplied histories to compliment a careful selection and preparation of images.

Logistically the intricate nature of both the visual puzzle, and moving parts, was challenging. Crucially all measurements had to be millimetre accurate and all pieces labelled and accounted for. bellette designers extrapolated detailed layout maps ensuring materials in production and physical stand installation worked with the complex functionality intended.

The result, to be used initially on the NT Show circuit, is now housed at the Alice Springs Desert Park, and has proved rewarding for both us and our client.