Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation - Annual Report 2016/17

For over 25 years, Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation has been providing quality, holistic primary health care services in East Arnhem Land. Miwatj approached bellette to design their 2016/17 annual report within a particularly tight timeframe, and of course, we were up for the challenge!

Miwatj is a strong practice leader and innovator, seeing primary health care as an interlinked system, not just a series of unconnected events. The practise is underpinned by a strong underlying philosophy that it is the fundamental right of Aboriginal people to control their own health services. In East Arnhem Land an additional factor comes into play: the embedded world view of community members around the role of culture and tradition. 

Embracing these diverse challenges imparts a unique identity to Miwatj Health.

We wanted to depict the organisations’ strength, positivity and progressive nature in designing a layout for the extensive information contained in this style of reporting. Our aim was to produce a publication easy for readers to digest, whilst conveying the appropriate information for corporate diligence and compliance. 

Inspiration for the design was centred around the 25-year legacy Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation has, with its strong reputation for prioritising the health and wellbeing of people within the region - even in the wet season when some areas are only accessible by boat or plane!

Our designers moved away from the previous pastel palette to incorporate a stronger burgundy and mustard colouring (reflected in the cross-hatched artwork pattern traditionally associated with East Arnhem Land).  High-quality images were used to showcase the diversity, energy and culture of the Miwatj community. The layout was designed to give priority to and acknowledgement of the importance of culture, people and individual stories.

Our extensive team of copywriters, project managers and designers pulled together with alacrity, not only to complete the project on time but to coordinate the tricky logistics of sending the final product to the Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation AGM in Nhulunbuy, during the wet season. The printed reports were delivered by both barge and air freight, to guarantee their arrival - on time, and dry!

Our relationship with Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation continues, we regularly work on projects depicting their endeavours determined by the people who will receive benefit from them, no matter the season.