Jemena - Creating multimedia video content

Jemena was selected by the Northern Territory Government to build and operate the 622 km Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) spanning the distance from Tennant Creek to Mount Isa. Jemena proactively engaged with local people, and were reliant on local knowledge, to ensure the success of this cross country venture. The priority was to establish a united community throughout manufacture and installation, and in practice, once the project was completed. 

bellette were offered the opportunity to capture this project from the opening ceremony to finalisation, to create content for social media engagement, digital and traditional media coverage and a final corporate video. 

This job took place onsite at the NGP, which required practical operation of a drone, camera and sound equipment to capture the opening ceremony, and invited attendees. The official launch took place in the summer months, so our camera crew had to battle with the harsh natural light and unpredictable weather conditions prevalent in Central Australia. 

Part of the process included sourcing permits and researching regulatory requirements for both the remote location and industrial site circumstances - including restricted area permissions, occupational health and safety requirements and cultural respect considerations. These are complex and in depth processes to navigate, but a task we well understand, and happy to undertake, in order that compliance and respect can be maintained throughout. 

Throughout, Jemena’s intention was to highlight the involvement of, and relationship with, local businesses and Traditional Owners fostered in this project. 

In digitally recording the NGP project progress, Jemena has been able to provide information about the benefits and opportunities resulting from the NGP for stakeholders within Northern Territory, Queensland and wider Australia, across a variety of mediums, enabling larger reach and a more interesting audience experience.