Driver Web Design - DWD (now HutSix), is a team of digital experts specialising in building websites, applications and CRM software from the ground up. They provide fully customised digital solutions allowing for easy user operation, tailor-made to client needs.

Driver Web Design approached bellette to develop an original, eye catching campaign to showcase the ‘behind the scenes’ nature of their in-house coding. 

They wanted to promote the message of catering for varying levels of client IT literacy - DWD maintain clear and easily understood communication in order to enhance clarity throughout their projects. 

Thirdly, the brief contained a special request, ‘the boss's son wants to be Batman on TV’. .... thus the beginnings of memorable marketing moments can be born ...

This campaign had to avoid an overuse of the IT jargon that often bombards and overwhelms non IT based clients. Our team achieved this by embracing a lighthearted superhero campaign bringing a sense of humour to the serious nature of online system development. 

The superhero campaign also played on the concept of ‘swooping in to save the day' - a frequent occurrence for DWD!

The bellette team utilised a green screen to cater for more freedom in regards to background animation, allowing for the dramatic, customised cartoon backdrop in post production. 

Our camera operator also got to work with a very special model. Despite the industry saying, ‘never work with animals or children’!  Exercising patience and keeping instructions clear and simple, meant our budding Batman could perform at his best. 

This campaign was so successful, Driver Web Design came back to create an additional two superhero-themed campaigns featuring Spiderman and The Flash. These commercials raised the company’s profile, and create a welcoming space for any level of IT literacy.