Parrtjima is a festival of light, projecting stories that are meaningful and relevant to Central Australia onto the iconic Macdonnell Ranges, illuminating the richness and diversity of artists, arts centres and communities in the Northern Territory. The event is run by Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) and brings visitors from across the country to see the spectacular display at the Desert Park, Alice Springs.

In its last couple of years of operation, bellette has helped to produce and distribute the Parrtjima marketing collateral across a broad range of mediums.

We were supplied with already established logo and branding guidelines, and tasked with creating the advertising and marketing collateral for the event, to be displayed all over Australia. We were required to apply the Parrtjima branding to a wide range of applications. Everything from bus wraps to website leaderboards, to ads in The Australian. We needed to reflect the beauty of the event while still keeping the messages informative and eye catching.

Visually we developed well balanced solutions for each application. Taking into account the requirements and restrictions of each medium we made sure instructional messages could easily be accessed and retained, while still communicating the event’s integral idea of showcasing the oldest continuous culture on earth through the newest technologies. Parrtjima is a premier exhibition and we are proud to have  successfully rolled out a full range of promotional applications, contributing to it’s success for two years.