NT Shelter

NT Shelter represents the peak body for affordable housing and homelessness in the Northern Territory, conducting research, policy development, advocacy, consultation, coordination and capacity building with homeless people and providing recommendations to combat these issues.

NT Shelter relies heavily on funding from the Northern Territory Government and their associated subsidiaries, submitting a proposal each year in order to receive this. We worked with NT Shelter to create an easy to read, well-designed budget proposal that would help the reader to engage with the budget and the cases they have put forward.

This report presents the information about the financial actions committed the previous financial year, as well as the prospective plans for the next financial year. Our design team took this quite dense information and crafted a well-designed report that facilitated its clear delivery. The report also reflected the core values of each program and the positive outcomes they have on the community.

Our design team transmitted this information and the key goals of the organisation carrying the colours, illustrations and style of the report throughout the publication. This helped ensure the report was engaging for the reader, encouraging them to continue on throughout and improving the chance of it being read by the appropriate people. 

For NT Shelter, the money invested by the NT Government into remote housing delivery is very important as it helps to facilitate housing that is appropriate for people who are homeless.

The final product was something that made it easy to understand the fundamental issues and requirements of the organisation, to increase the likelihood of their report being read, understood and hopefully leading to additional funding.