Northern Territory Public Health Network (NT PHN)

Northern Territory Public Health Network coordinates primary health care services across the whole NT. They ensure that health services are available to everyone in the Northern Territory and that more remotely located parts of the population are aware of what is available to them, and how they can access the health care they need.

bellette have worked on several projects with NT PHN over the years. We carried out their initial redesign and rebranding when they switched from Northern Territory Medicare Local (NTML) to NT PHN. The new identity has been expanded over a broad range of applications ranging from annual reports, document and brochure layout and design, branding materials, strategic plans, forms and certificates, posters, booklets, postcards and program resources. Each time we work with the brand it is strengthened further.

The annual report that we created for NT PHN in 2017 was an excellent demonstration of how infographics can be used to present data and important information. We created a number of strong, eye catching typographic based images to report on statistics and outcomes in bite sized pieces. The infographics help the reader immediately see the results that are highlighted in the written copy, and get a quick snapshot of how the organisation has achieved their goals and their effectiveness in the Territory.