Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC)

The Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC) is the government body responsible for ensuring proper and equitable democratic process is carried out in the NT. They promote voting participation, aid in eligible voter enrolment, trial new strategies aimed at gaining increased voter engagement, conduct elections and ensure public awareness around election and voting time. They maintain impartiality in their promise of a fair election, operating with efficiency and transparency in accordance with federal law. 

bellette worked on a project with NTEC to create training videos to aid in education around the voting process, and assist polling officials in their role. The videos needed to communicate visually, be easy to follow, be highly memorable and regarded as relatable by remote and urban Indigenous, and new to Australia audiences.

We scripted, storyboarded, graphically illustrated and animated the videos in an easily absorbed instructional format, with clear imagery used to represent what was being spoken about. Of the more than 100 languages and dialects spoken across the NT, 15 were nominated for translation to enable effective information dissemination throughout the Territory.

NTEC were very happy with the dual outcomes of both increased voter numbers, and increased public engagement in the election process and recommended the resources created. Based on the strength of this the Electoral Commission of South Australia commissioned a self contained App (developed in conjunction with our sister company HutSix) containing the polling official training videos. Such has been the effectiveness of the SA experience that the ACT Electoral Commission are talking to us about how to increase their voter turnout too.