National Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Art Awards

The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) is the Northern Territory’s premier cultural organisation and the founders of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAA). Now the most prestigious award for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders artists in Australia, the Awards’ have their own presence and identity within the artistic and wider community.

A brand-mark for NATSIAA had been established between 2015 and 2016, prior to which the Awards had a unique annual theme/identity. The client had realised the importance of a consistent NATSIAA brand that would be able to be used all year round between Award seasons. For NATSIAA 33 (the 33rd year of the award) a suite of collateral was needed that used this new logo yet would still look unique to that year. As the brand was still being established, consistency was paramount to help build recognition whilst also taking into consideration sponsors and stakeholder’s needs.

Our design team managed both the production and design, which allowed us to provide a complete solution to the client in one quote. Our team had to maintain flexibility and extreme organisation to ensure that work that could be done in advance was completed to allow time for the other components (such as winners certificates) that could only be done after judging had taken place. 

We rolled out the NATSIAA brand over a wide range of collateral for both marketing and exhibition use, including: print and digital advertising, posters, flyers, banners, billboards, exhibition catalogue, sales catalogue, children’s activity, directional signage, exhibition graphics, artwork description cards and winners certificates. We also managed production for each of these items delivering printed items to the Museum and organising signage installation.

Creative approaches were often needed to get the tight deadline items to the client on time but we were careful to never pass any stress on to the client. The resulting collateral was consistent throughout and followed NATSIAA, MAGNT and partner branding and requirements.

Our design team relished the opportunity to be involved in such a wonderful vibrant event and being able to see their work in national magazines and blown up on the side of the museum building. We were also satisfied with our ability to make life easy for the client by delivering everything to them as a finished product, from concept to print. 

Taking the pressure off this component of the Awards’ for the client so they could focus purely on the artists, entries, exhibition and the Awards’ event meant the organisers could use their valuable time to pull together another memorable year of the NATSIAA. 

The end result was a unified look which helped to strengthen the reputation and identity of NATSIAA throughout the artistic community and wider public.