My LinkUp

My LinkUp is an extension of LinkUp Australia, an NDIS provider that provides services such as personal care, domestic tasks and skill-building support services for people living with a disability.

My LinkUp came to bellette to create supporting brand collateral to promote their newly established services within the community. Our design team had to work within accessibility requirements to ensure that the information could be absorbed by people who may have difficulty reading and interpreting information.

Our design team created graphics that were easy to remember, read, see and distinguish - a design that aims to be, as much as possible, for everybody.

The new My LinkUp venture needed to share similar branding with the national branch, LinkUp Australia, so that it was clear that the two shared a relationship, but were individual establishments. The purpose of design is to communicate, and what better a job than this one to fully utilise our skills as designers and creatives to communicate effectively to people with disabilities!

The visual representation incorporates soft colours and a smooth geometric circle as key elements throughout the designs. This circle is a smooth and harmonic shape and is easy for the reader to identify as it is common across all of the branded materials. The soft colours of pastel pink and blue are designed to invite the reader in, creating a soft, inclusive space for the reader that gives a sense of harmony and peace. 

My LinkUp was wonderful to work with and worked with us in a very collaborative way that helped us to bring out the strengths in our design team, and My LinkUp’s strong knowledge and experience within the disability services sector.