Linkup Australia Pty Ltd

Linkup Australia began serving the Alice Springs community in 2018. It was founded to respond to the lack of suitably accessible housing and a limited choice of flexible, people-centred NDIS services in the Northern Territory.

Linkup Australia’s mission is to help people to live more independently – by designing and delivering quality and innovative services that respond to the needs of a diverse community. Above all, they want their clients to live their best life, their way.

Our graphic design team began work with this client by creating printed collateral, including business cards, banners and window decals. During this process, they created an industry-standard style guide for the brand. This guide will be a continuous resource for any collateral created for the brand in the future, and details the correct, consistent use of their logo and other brand elements. With this brand guide already in place, our graphic designer was able to seamlessly adapt the brand’s look and feel to their new website.

The design component of this website was made easier because of the style guide, but the main challenge for this client was that they had no existing website, and limited written content which was presented in the form of a printed brochure. Our Digital Communications and Content Writer adapted the contents of their brochure to a format appropriate for online use, ensuring ease of navigation and a high level of accessibility appropriate for their clientele. Original content was also written under new web pages requested by the client, in-line with their existing brand voice.

When Linkup Australia came to us, they did not have a website or a consistent brand and style. They were struggling to reach potential clients with their lack of online presence, and needed to build a consistent brand identity across all their touchpoints with the public. Being a community-focused organisation, they also did not have the funds to spend on a custom-built website, nor the time or resources to create branded content for a brand-new website.

Linkup Australia also has staff in several locations around Australia that they wanted to include on the website. We took professional, high-quality photos of their head office team here in Alice, and were able to work with the client to retrieve photos of the rest of their team in a similar style.

Our content writer loved the challenge of taking on a brand-new website with limited existing content. She aimed to meet the aims of the organisation in making a website that was easy to read and navigate, and also highly accessible for those using screen readers and other tools to help them use the web. Our graphic designer’s original pictographs are able to aid users who respond well to visual communication to find the services they are looking for when they visit the site.

The client was delivered a turn-key website that works from day one. They didn’t need to spend time trying to upload photos, write content, or do anything complicated in the IT space. Our HutSix team is always just a phone call away – or literally, a five-minute walk away – if they ever have issues with their site or require updates. Linkup Australia will save a lot of time and energy by leaving any website updates to local experts.