Katherine West Health Board Aboriginal Corporation

Founded in 1998, the Katherine West Health Board (KWHB) is a fully accredited, Aboriginal community-controlled health service based in the south-west of Katherine in the Northern Territory. They aim to prevent disease before it even happens by promoting a healthy community lifestyle, their work encourages local people to get involved in this process and employs and trains local Indigenous people within this area.

KWHB contacted bellette to develop an aesthetically appealing annual report that conveyed the organisation’s journey throughout the past financial year and their achievements in the community. As with every annual report, the way it is presented visually is often the key to making people pick it up, read it and absorb what it is saying.

KWHB gave us creative freedom to express the past year’s journey in a creative and engaging way that encourages the reader to keep turning the page and not get lost in copious amounts of jargon and dense financials. We did this by using infographics and visual illustrations to translate mass amounts of data into something that is easily digestible.

We also wanted to reflect the Aboriginal heritage that is embodied by KWHB, this was incorporated by bringing in visual elements that are influenced by the artistic styles of their region.

We love a client who lets us take a project and run with it. This kind of creative freedom and expression allows us to turn an in-depth, text and data-heavy document into an engaging and accessible report that can be shared with various stakeholders, including funding bodies and government organisations. Adding cultural influence to a corporate document also helped to bring a sense of creativity and connection to the roots of the organisation throughout the report.