Katherine West Health Board Aboriginal Corporation

Katherine West Health Board Aboriginal Corporation provides a holistic clinical and preventative public health service to the Aboriginal community in the Katherine region.

The global pandemic, COVID-19, quickly spread across the world. Because of this, there was an urgency to present relevant and relatable COVID-19 information to people across Australia to respond to the threat accordingly. 

KWHB had a mission to ensure everyone in the remote locations that they service were aware of COVID-19 and how to prevent transmission of the deadly virus within their community.

We created a collection of five posters which were further turned into a more detailed animated video version to be shared online and via Aboriginal Health Television (AHTV).

The posters and animations are a collation of illustrations that describe what to do to avoid COVID-19, what to do if you contract it, and how to seek treatment if you are unwell.

This project was very rewarding as we were able to help convey important messages to a vulnerable community in a time of crisis. Our team also relished the opportunity to learn more about the intricate customs, languages and cultural components that are present in the Katherine region to ensure the message was accurately conveyed.

The KWHB team were very helpful and proactive while we worked on this project. We worked collaboratively with them to create collateral that was culturally appropriate and that was finalised in a timely manner.