Katherine District Show Society

The Katherine District Show Society (KDSS) facilitates the annual Katherine Show and Rodeo which is one of the biggest community events of the year in the Katherine district. It unites people from the local community with those from surrounding stations and communities with a sense of appreciation for agriculture, craftsmanship and good old fashioned carnival festivity. The show is a two-day event that is packed full of activities. It includes equestrian and rodeo competitions and challenges, show rides, market-style and corporate stalls, a sideshow alley and a space to showcase the communities craft and culinary masterpieces.

KDSS contracted bellette to create a TV commercial to promote the 2019 Katherine Show and their ‘Christmas in July’ theme alongside the event and show details to inform the local community about the event. 

We created a TV commercial that captured the spirit of Christmas in July by integrating animation and still images to create a visually appealing and exciting TV commercial. It brought the fun side into the theme with a quirky little dancing Santa character, referencing the fun and joy that both Christmas and the annual show can bring. The Santa character danced in amongst decorative Christmas frames to work alongside the image stills. This was paired with upbeat and whimsical background music and voiceover. 

Our animator had fun exploring the creative freedom that comes with animation work and the ability it gave us to create something different for the 2019 Katherine Show. Through this process, our animator discovered some useful new tools and techniques within this field that could add value to future animation projects, making this project a successful one in more ways than one!

The TV Commercial was broadcast on local television and shared on the KDSS Facebook page, it received an organic audience of over 700 online, which is no mean feat for a small town! The Christmas theme for the event increased engagement across a wide demographic and helped to create local buzz for the highly anticipated event.

KDSS was thrilled with the final TV commercial and the response they got from the wider community and their valued sponsors. The combination of key thematic elements made for a TV Commercial that caught attention and provoked a smile. It stood out from the crowd and appealed to the wide audience the Katherine Show caters for.