Jemena - NGP Video

Jemena is proud to have been selected by the Northern Territory Government to build, own and operate the Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP).

With a strong goal of emphasising transparency, we were approached firstly to provide TV media coverage, and secondly to create the corporate video. Jemena was keen to highlight the involvement of, and relationship with, local businesses and Traditional Owners, as well as provide valuable information, benefits and opportunities for the project for both the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Our challenge was the tight delivery timeframe. Footage of the ground-breaking ceremony held at the substation site in Tennant Creek, to which all stakeholders were invited, needed media outlet distribution as soon as the ceremony finished.

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We are well equipped for working in the outback’s harsh environment, and well able to meet the deadlines of this project and client expectations by producing rough cut footage onsite, for client approval before delivery. Utilising mobile internet and online file sharing, news footage was then rapidly circulated to national news providers.

We’ve more recently been out to shoot the ceremony marking the culmination of the project, and are popping a highlights showreel together. This has been a great job showing the versatility of live footage for creating genuinely interesting online and traditional media content.

And of course we love it when our team gets a shoutout from clients

"Franky did an outstanding job as always on Friday"

Michael Pintabona

Manager, Media and External Affairs

Corporate Affairs, Office of the Managing Director