Ironbark Energy - Gunnedah Solar Farm

The Ironbark Energy solar farm development company determined that Gunnedah NSW, was the most suitable location to build and demonstrate the opportunities of investment into regional Australia. Seeing opportunity to demonstrate this commitment even further, they came to bellette with the brief of producing two 6x3m billboards to showcase future development of their site.

In beginning this process, an in depth 3D visualisation of the Gunnedah solar farm includes design aspects such as: 3D modelling of buildings, adding texture and photo-realistic lighting set up.

Taking into consideration the location of each of the billboards, we were able to ensure the view of the site perfectly matched our renderings, showing the progression of the surrounding industrial estate together with the farm.

Creating these images conveys to viewers precisely what the solar installation and surrounding buildings would look like upon completion. This initial connection with Gunnedah residents allows Ironbark to convey important future aspirations, to those local to the area.