HutSix operates in the area of innovative digital solutions. They are a group of committed web and software developers whose focus is on creating continuous improvement for businesses through digital technology. The HutSix aim is to improve quality of life for those who use their products daily - more intuitive user interactions, enjoyable user experiences, automatic field population and data entry from one input. The team is inspired by reducing frustrations and increasing the time clients have in their day for other important or more enjoyable tasks. HutSix’ projects can include the tailored creation of complete workflow systems, built to satisfy the specific needs of their client  and custom website builds. HutSix is the sister company of bellette and as a result, the two often collaborate together on projects, sharing the skill sets that compliment each area. 

bellette manages all social media channels for HutSix, using our design studio, edit suite and digital marketing expertise to create a strong, clear and consistent messages within the original content to be broadcast across Facebook, LinkedIn, the website and Twitter.

With regular monitoring and analysis of the results and responses we are gaining from these channels, we are able to modify our approach to suit what our audience is calling for, and what develops the HutSix business as a whole. Monthly reports keep our work accountable, and provide tangible results for HutSix to be able to see the difference that our digital marketing strategy is making.

Through our work with HutSix we have established firm brand guidelines, including colour schemes, tone of voice, image style and personality. Using the brands personality, we have built a recognisable social media identity and profile that has resulted in continued engagement with our targeted audiences. Via our planned social media strategy, HutSix has been able to subtly educate the wider population on their services, and how they are able to offer clear solutions to complex problems.