Alice Springs Town Council (ASTC) - Night Markets

The magic of the Alice Springs Town Council Night Markets have to be seen to achieve true appreciation. Held from September to December each year, our evocative late summer night light and tree lit mall, provide the perfect backdrop for the the Alice community to gather dine and catch up.

We have been working together with the Alice Springs Town Council for some years now, updating ideas, tweaking style and incorporating new thoughts about how to communicate the experience.

This year the Night Markets Campaign had a defined focus of attracting potential Central Australian visitors and promotion as a ‘must do’ destination.

Our creative ideas centred around encouraging local attendance, while keeping visitors to the town aware of the dates to be considered in their holiday plans. 

We combined the use of simple,inviting design elements and bright colours to portray the eclectic nature of the event, and commenced the roll out across the previously well performing collateral.