Central Australian Retrieval Services (CARS)

The Central Australian Retrieval Service opened their new service, the Medical Retrieval and Consultation Centre (MRaCC), earlier this year to serve as a virtual Emergency Department that provides support to remote areas in the Northern Territory.

bellette was tasked with evolving a campaign to attract practitioners willing to relocate to Central Australia. It was imperative that we were able to highlight the amazing benefits of working in such a unique location, targeting professionals who wanted to challenge themselves by working in a remote location and who were suitable qualified in Emergency ICU, Anaesthetics or Remote and Rural medicine.

We embraced the challenge with gusto targeting motivations of: sense of adventure; commitment to a higher purpose; and intrinsic job satisfaction. These jobs are not for the faint hearted, personal fortitude and willingness to embrace challenges are an essential requirement that doubles as the unique attraction of these positions.

Combining engaging testimonials and the beautiful imagery of the location, our copywriters and designers rolled out a campaign showcasing the diverse benefits that come with an exciting role at MRaCC.

As no two days are the same in the Outback action photos on location and powerful wording were combined to engage with potential recruits and give credibility.