Bradshaw Primary School

Bradshaw Primary School is a popular and well-established school of 500 students that like to celebrate the success of their culturally diverse families and the enthusiastic and vibrant learning environment they have forged.

Bradshaw presented us with the challenge of creating a new and highly individual website that would reflect their inspired 'learners growing together' vision. We have been lucky enough to work with Bradshaw before and jumped at the chance to increase the cohesive rollout of their new brand. 

bellette worked closely with the school developing a site that is professional, and simple for parents to navigate, while playing with the use of school colours to create positive and inclusive participation.

The result is a very personalised showcase of the true nature of Bradshaw, that makes relevant information easily accessible while illustrating a clear school pride. We would like to congratulate Bradshaw for the thought out and well considered philosophies that have gone into the messages they want promoted, and for allowing us to continue to work with them as a partner in bringing out the very best of what good teaching can achieve.