Federation of Canteens Schools Inc.

Federation of Canteens in Schools Inc. (FOCiS) is a not-for-profit charity representing school canteens around Australia, working with State and Territory Canteen Associations and Networks to promote healthy dieting and food service in schools through menu choices, internal management and financial controls.

FOCiS had recently launched an online training system to train the various stakeholders that are involved in school canteens including parents, canteen volunteers, staff and health professionals in healthy eating practices, financial management and safe food preparation practices. FOCiS contacted bellette to create a video that explains what the online training system involves and the benefits of becoming a FOCIS qualified school canteen.

Our video editor created a video that uses screengrabs, interviews and footage of canteen volunteers and students to create an informative video that is applicable for their clientele. To incorporate the images and animations from the online training system, our video editor utilised screen recording to capture portions of the training courses to pair with the relevant components of the voiceovers. 

Making sure that all the appropriate working with children checks and certifications were in place was an important aspect of this project to be able to film students in local Alice Springs primary schools. They always say that when it comes to film you should never work with children or animals. While working with children on the camera certainly proves a challenge, it’s one we enjoyed, we found it taught us a few lessons on patience and simple, clear instruction too! We had to make the filming experience fun and positive for the students to keep them engaged, which just made it all the more fun for us.

FOCiS has become a crucial component of the school canteen body nationally and their presence has become increasingly important to help tackle childhood obesity and improve the wellbeing of children around Australia.

FOCiS have shared this video with State and Territory Canteen Associations and Networks for them to share within their own network and FOCiS’s own website, YouTube channel and promotional packaging. FOCiS are pleased with the results of this informative video and the response it has already begun to receive within their network.