Exact Homes - Social Media Management

Exact Homes believes ‘great homes, build great lives’, they are committed to building the great Centralian lifestyle. Exact Homes has come a long way from the owners’ original start up idea and it was time to let people know the breadth of their scope and commitments.

With the goal of becoming the go-to company for new home builds locally, Exact Homes owner Jack, was excited about creating a dedicated, engaged following on social media. His aim for return on investment was attracting a minimum of 8 new house builds per year.

Jack wanted to establish the view that Exact Homes is a company with capacity to take on larger scale and multiple projects. He wanted people to be aware that when they engage with his company they’ll receive in depth, tailored support from the business owner - start to finish. More than simply building a house, Jack’s business is building personalised homes to suit client needs and requests.

Our well informed solution was to create original and genuine social media content that tells their story, shows what the tailored client support would look like, and promotes the made-to-order benefits. This is a personal journey for clients, and Jack and his team, genuine content needs to reflect that.

Through using video conceptualised and filmed by the bellette team, showing real clients loving describing their newly built homes, a clear and recognisable style was implemented cohesively across multiple digital platforms.

The result is potential clients are able to easily picture themselves living in an Exact Homes build of their own. This style particularly appeals to the Alice community, as locals love to see familiar faces showing up in their social media feed.

This fresh, original approach has resonated within the community, creating a real buzz. We’ve increased Facebook engagement amongst existing followers, and attracted potential new clients, all wanting to keep up to date with the amazing work being executed by this enthusiastic company.